We are in a building in the village of Bolgrad in Ukraine. In this building, orphaned children lived in the Soviet times. Later, when a small number of children were placed in the buildings in the center, this building was empty for a while. When Ukraine was invaded, they fled therefrom Donetsk and settled some of the IDPs who took refuge in Odessa

Three women live in a room on the ground floor. They are all academicians. Having a conversation with Professor Dina Yelitsarova:

I was only able to get my handbag on the way out. I, my mother, and my mother-in-law went on the road. My wife, father, and brother stayed there. Thank God we have internet and we can make occasional phone calls with them.

We drove for 8 hours. Here the people of Odessa greeted us and gave us hot tea and food. We didn't know anyone here. Thanks for helping us. The building we are staying in has everything we need. International Blue Crescent (IBC) operating here brought us food, beds, pillows, refrigerators, and washing machines. Thank you. We will never forget the good deeds done in this difficult time.



Maria came from the Kharkiv region with her two children. For now, they live in the city of Bolgrad as guests of a local family. Her husband and one son live in Kharkiv, in the region where the fightings are intense. His son is 19 years old. Maria, who wants the war to end quickly, is waiting for the day when she can see her son and husband in their own home again. He missed his home so much. Their lives were changed abruptly that February night when the Russian rockets attacked. Everything turned upside down. We started to run away, just taking the children with me. My wife couldn't come with us because she had to stay to protect our home, our state. I could only take one bag with us. Our journey was also very difficult. The weather was also very cold. Being on the road was also very dangerous. People were running for their lives towards the border of Moldova, Poland. Cars carrying refugees sometimes continued under the explosions of bombs. We traveled for 14 hours until the Moldovan border here to Bolgrad. When we reached Bolgrad just before the border, we were very tired and very cold. The queue was pretty crowded.

They welcomed us very warmly and gave us hot tea, coffee, and food in the tent they had set up for IDP s. After resting for a while, they took us to the town. We took refuge with a family in Bolgrad. Thankfully, they didn't leave us out. At least we have a warm room, a bed.

Meanwhile, the IBC humanitarian relief organization also gave us food and the bedding we needed.

We are waiting impatiently for the day when the war will end. No war. We got the news that our house was destroyed. But let the war be over, never mind, we'll build our house again anyway.



A large family in a camp in the village of Mykolayiv.

3 children, a mother, grandmother, grandfather, and an old woman who has relatives and is now very weak. They fled too from Kherson province on the third day of the war. Their journey was long and difficult. On the way, their car broke down, they were able to repair the car by force, and then there was a fuel problem. It was very difficult to find fuel at that time.

Now, they report that they are waiting for the day when the war will end and they can return to their homes in the camp where they are staying. Zinaida, 45 years old and mother of three, states that they actually have the opportunity to go to Europe, but they do not want to go out of Ukraine, so they endure this difficult situation.

We are trying to live here with my three children and family elders.  Sometimes we have difficulty meeting their food, clothing, and laundry needs. But luckily they bring some clothing and food items here. There are a lot of IDP s here, so sometimes stoves, washing machines, and refrigerators are needed for cooking. 



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