Organization: Presidency Council -

Omar El Bahraoui 
1st Coppem Vice-president,Mayor of Rabat Municipality, Member of Moroccan Parliament 
(Kingdom of Morocco)
Adly Hussein 
COPPEM Vice-president, Governor of Qalyubiya (Egypt)
Andrzey Porawski
COPPEM Vice-president, Executive Director of the Association of Polish Cities; Councillor of Poznan City Council 
Nikolas Papamikroulis 
COPPEM Vice-president, Former Mayor of Nea Halkidona, Representative of Greek Local Authorities 
Nourredine Sbia
COPPEM Vice-president, President of the Algerian Forum for Citizenship and Modernity 
Ghassam Samman 
COPPEM Vice-president Head of the Arab Town Organization International Relations 
Muzaffer Baca
COPPEM Vice-president, Vice Presiden International Blue Crescent Foundation, Coordinator of International Relations of Turkish Municipalities Association 
Carmelo Motta 
COPPEM Secretary General 
Jan Mans 
President I COPPEM Commission, President of the Dutch Section of CEMR 
Jan Micallef
President II COPPEM Commission, President of the Chamber of Local Authorities of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities – Council of Europe 
Abdelkarim Misbah
President III COPPEM Commission, Governor of Gabès 
Falah Al Omoush 
President IV COPPEM Commission, former Undersecretary of  the Greater Amman Municipality 
Fabio Pellegrini  
COPPEM Charter President Fondatore COPPEM, 1st Vice-president of Italian Association of CEMR 

Date: 01/01/1970