Our Mision

IBC is shaped by egalitarian, just, respectful, tolerant, trustworthy, participative, educated, collaboration-focused staff that aim to help people in need nationally and internationally; and put all humanitarian values, self-devotion and compassion above all. IBC human resources department continues its efforts to ensure staff become exemplary personnel that have high social, cultural, legal and ethical virtues.


Our Vision

IBC aims to realize its objectives and reach more people across the globe through creative and qualified staff and its anti-discriminatory policies in regards to religion and religious sects, language, race, political opinion or age

Who We Are

International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation (IBC)

IBC, a young and dynamic NGO, was initiated by a handful of idealist businessmen, who wanted to provide input in improving the lives of the people suffering, especially the most disadvantaged section of the world population.

Who We Are