Date: 10-11-2015


International Blue Crescent Humanitarian Aid and Development Foundation started new education period by increasing the support on 6 Temporary Education Centers in order to children continue their education in safer places and more actively. In the Kilis Temporary Education Centers more than 5.000 students have been educated and 183 volunteer teachers has been supported by IBC.



In the Kilis Temporary Education Centers supported by IBC had been continued to give education as “Summer Schools” during summer period, in this way additional courses given to students who needs more practice and also hobby courses such as art, music, physical education, outdoor trips etc. to encourage them to socialize during the summer. Thus, better prepared Syrian students had a fresh start to the new semester.



By the psycho-social support and classroom management trainings for Syrian teachers and school management training for Syrian administrators, IBC supported Temporary Education Centers’ staff by psychoeducation to be more sensitive and conscious supporters for psychological problems of Syrian students who had faced traumatic events in Syria and now also experiencing a new country and living conditions.



In addition to that IBC aimed to strength the communication and the trust between parents and teachers by parent-teacher meetings, where difficulties of psychological problems, solutions and general information has been shared, in Temporary Education Centers during summer period and also in new semester.



IBC also contributed to physical conditions of Temporary Education Centers to make them more convenient for education by completing the paint and repair process in needed Centers.



Students and teachers have been equipped for the new term by IBC distributions such as student and teacher bags, stationery and cleaning materials, school furnitures and books appropriate for Syrian curriculum.


We, as IBC, wish a successful school year for all students!


Keywords: mavi hilal vakfi blue crescent