Date: 04-05-2016


The conflict in Syria has gone on for more than four years. This has a major impact on the functionality of life standarts : there has been a massive reduction of qualified life condition Last 4 months of 2015 continuous bombing (mortars and air strikes) claim more and more civilian victims in cities and villages and with starting of 2016 the life is coming more hard for Syrians living inside to Syria. They haven’t got anything that humanitarian basic needs. After increase of on number attack in Aleppo and its districts, people started to move North Syria which seems a bit more secure near Öncüpınar border. But after 20th of January 2016, this area also not secure place any more for the Syrians, and as a result of this Syrians people wanted to cross border; We can show the picture of situaton with numbers;


IBC Multisectoral Community Center provides psychosocial support, integration, vocational and skills trainings, language courses to Syrians affected from war.


- 70 000 IDP arrived just in front of Öncüpınar Border after crisis on January

- The only road to transfer humanitarian aid for the people who is living in Aleppo closed on January and, There are 7 camps near Turkish border inside Syria and 2 new camps are


under contruction , over than 110000 IDPs living there



After arrival of new IDPs, IBC had close contact with AFAD, Turkish Red Cresent and Camp managers inside Syria, to cover needs of the new IDPs. IBC received daily update about what is covered by other NGOs



Distribution plan made with Syrian Relief office and camp managers and distribution started at hard to reach area which is very close to Igde village area, which outside the camp are who is individualy stated to live there.


­ The implementation of the project was as planned, in total 5000 blankets distributed to 1749 family (in total 10873 family members



The result of the project was better than expected, because IBC try to make distribution at hard to reach area and out of the camps which is not supported any other NGO. With this distribution we had chance to make another need assessment on this area, IDPs who is living that distribution area need; sponge bed, Hygiene kits, food package, etc.



One of the challenging part was, the number of family members, so if we distribute 2 for each family it was equitable because some family have more than 10 family members, so we tried to do that more fair with this distribution plan which is agreed by beneficiaries, according to family number.


Security situation was another challenges point, during distribution ISIS attacked Igde village and camp, and staff was not allowed to make distribution, after two days IDPs moved from that area to Sucu village.



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