Date: 18-06-2016


In order to keep the Syrian people in their lands in safety, the Turkish government constructed temporary camps just in the Syrian side of the border. Bab al Salaam, Bab al Nour, Scu, Bab el Iman, Mercidabik and Igde are situated just in the south of Kilis border, in a range of ten km from the border where than 33.000 Syrian IDP s were accommodated.


Because of the current attacks and cut of access to roads from Syrian side more than 70 000 Syrian IDP s were accommodated and two more camps has constructed in the Syrian side of the border , all of these camps are surviving through assistance from Turkey and have access just to the Turkish border gate from where Turkish and other NGOs are providing basic support. One of the basic needs of the camps is bread.




The distribution of breads are distributed in close coordination with Head Manager of 8 camps inside Syria, Afad , and supervised by IBC North Syria Program Coordinator. Because of the huge needs of people after last attacks ,Afad , Turkish Red Crescent border team directed all humanitarian aid. There is close coordination between IBC and them in the field so to avoid duplications.


Details of a Program Achievement


  • - Mobile Bakery started to operate 02.03.2016 , and its is working 6 days during a week , one day for repair and maintenance of Bakery.
  • - 5000 new incoming IDP s, receiving 5000 breads on daily basis around İgde camp.
  • - Distributions is made directly IBC staff .
  • - Through IBC Intervention most vulnerable families (5000 people) around İgde camp-Azaz Syria are able to have access to bread need.






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