Date: 31-01-2017


INGEV Foundation organized the ACT Human- Human Development Summit at Istanbul Swiss Hotel on 25th January 2017 to increase the awareness of human development in our country and strengthen the place of social awareness of business sector.The summit took place with the participation of senior executives from business sector, government and local authorities as well as NGO’s.



The speechs of high level speakers such as Emma Duncan (The Economist), Yuval Noah Harari (Author of ‘Sapiens’ ), Muhtar Kent (Chairman Coca Cola Company), Markos Neto (Director, Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development, UNDP ), Doç.Dr. Murat Şeker and Vural Çakır( President ,INGEV) had emphaized thoughts about human development standards and the results of recently completed survey on Human Development Index. As IBC, we have also participated to the fair organized during the summit and our representatives gave information about the foundation and projects during live presentations from the fair area.



The summit moderated by Başak Şengül is expected to continue as a “ Human Development Festival “ in the upcoming years and IBC hopes to give a further support to the event.



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