Date: 14-09-2017


The International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation continues to support the education of disadvantaged children. The opening ceremony of the Child Caravan Project, which is being implemented in cooperation with the Sultanbeyli Municipality, was held in the garden of the Community Center of the Mülteciler Derneği. Within the scope of the project, the mobile platform includes games and applications that enable integration in tablets distributed to children. Various activities were carried out while children were being served. It is aimed to support the development of the Syrian children by taking game-based trainings in time out of school with the "Education Caravan" which will be active in Sultanbeyli and to deliver social harmony by bringing them together in cultural events with Turkish children.



Opening Ceremony of the Project that is financed by the "Penny Appeal" charity organization, brought together the International Blue Crescent project partners and local people. Zafer Söğütçü, Vice Mayor of Sultanbeyli, Blue Crescent Program Director Tolga Baca, Senior Representative of Penny Appeal Irfan Rajput and Muzaffer Baca, Vice President of Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation, made speech at the opening ceremony. Sultanbeyli Deputy Mayor Söğütçü expressed his satisfaction with the partnership with Blue Crescent Foundation while emphasizing the importance of implementing common projects for the benefit of society. Blue Crescent Program Director Tolga Baca stated that they have happiness in adding two new projects to two separate projects which are already successfully carried out in Sultanbeyli for refugees. Penny Appeal’s senior delegate Irfan Rajput underlined that they appreciate the efforts made to improve the living conditions of refugees in Turkey and that they want to continue their partnership with Blue Crescent for years to support this issue. Muzaffer Baca stated that as the Blue Crescent Foundation, since the earliest times of the Syrian crisis, supports and provides assitance for Syrian refugees throughout Turkey and implement projects as a foundation to facilitate better conditions for victims of the war.



Turkish and Syrian families who came to the opening stated that they were grateful for the support given to the education of children. Within the scope of the project, children recieved education-oriented tablets and came together with their peers, and they lived up to the enthusiasm of attaining a new educational field that carefully prepared in favour of them.

International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation, which is based in Turkey, has been carrying out Humanitarian Aid Activities in different regions of the world. Since the foundation was established, hundreds of Aid and Development projects were implemented in partnership with United Nations and International Relief Organizations since 2001. In the national dimension, the foundation carries out projects to meet the needs of Syrian asylum seekers in Şanlıurfa, Gaziantep, Kilis, Konya, Bursa and Istanbul. In addition, Blue Crescent Foundation already launched two other projecteds in Sultanbeyli, one of them is where a women-friendly center for women, another one is Multisectoral Community Center in which vocational training courses and social integration activities are carried out.


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