Date: 15-06-2007


Project Location : DAMASCUS/ ALEPPO – SYRIA

Project Duration : 15.06.2007 / 15.11.2007  5 months

Background Information: In March 2003, millions of Iraqi left their houses, their work, and memories due to the occupation of USA and fled from their homeland to neighboring countries.
Occupation of Iraq, we can also call as a disaster of century, caused death of millions of people and more than a million people have been wounded. The situation still continues.   
Because of this occupation more than 4 million people left their countries and became displaced. (UNHCR records).
For that reason, huge amount of refugees moved to Syrian Arab Republic. Number of refugees who moved to Syria is more than half of total refugee amount. 
It is impossible for approximately 20 million populated Syria to take care of such high number of refugees due to their existed weak economy. Most of asylum seekers left everything in their home country and had to fleet to Syria in need of even needle and thread. 
Furthermore; women, children and elder people were the most affected group from the situation as always and they all had deep effect because of their current position 

Relief items are seen in the truck.      Distribution of the relief items.Distribution of the relief items.


Project Summary: International Blue Crescent Humanitarian Relief and Development Foundation organized site visits to assess the current situation of people and has begun relief work for people who became displaced after the occupation of USA, in cooperation with local authorities, Syria Red Crescent and UNHCR- Syria. 
After this assessment, it is determined that refugees need the following items as urgent needs:
1- Food 
2- Kitchen sets
3- Cleaning and hygiene materials
4- Cash for rent 
5- School bag, notebook and etc for students
IBC began work to supply the needs of refugees.  

Project Goals: It is the basic objective of this project to supply the needs of people; such as kitchen sets, cleaning and hygiene materials, cash for rent, who became refugees because of the occupation in March 2003.
School uniform, bag and stationery materials for children of refugee families are planned to distribute in the project. 
Project Beneficiaries: The most vulnerable 100 families and their children at the school age benefited from this project. The number of children is 750.

Relief items were distributed in exchange for signature of the beneficiaries.    A student who just received her  schoolbag.


Implemented Activities: After the assessment and determination of needs of people who became refugees because of the occupation in March 2003, the list of refugees has been prepared in cooperation with local authorities and UNCHR- Syria.  
100 families who need help were determined though home-visits. After that, materials were bought and stored in depots. Kitchen sets, blankets, linen basket, broom, and hygiene materials were distributed to those 100 families determined earlier. (Each family is calculated as 6 persons). Distributions were made in return of signature to the householder. 
Moreover, 200 USD cash donation was made to renters because they could not afford paying for the rent of house about 4.5 months. After the conservation with schools; school bags, uniforms and stationery materialswere distributed to 750 refugee children. 
Materials distributed to children under the control of school manager and in return of their signatures. 
All materials bought from Damascus in order to contribute the economy of local people.



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Publications: Project Donors:

Muzaffer Baca
IBC Vice President/ Syria Program Manager

Aziz Civelek
Project Coordinator

Deniz Aziz Vahab
Local Coordinator


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