Date: 01-12-2003


Project Location : Bam / Iran


Project Duration : December 2003 - January 2004


Project Summary: After the devastating earthquake of 26 December 2003 which struck the city of Bam in Kerman Province, southeastern Iran, IBC got involved in emergency support for the victims. With a death tool of 43,000 people, 30,000 people injured and 80% of the city destroyed, the post-disaster reality showed a number of 200,000 people directly affected by the disaster, among which, 70,000 homeless. From January to March people affected were accommodated in tents, either in camps or more usually on the road outside the ruins of their houses. The majority of the people was without any source of income and was dependent on aid from the government and NGOs. Besides of providing immediate shelter facilities, IBC’s support, in the emergency phase in Bam consisted in distributions of relief items as food and non-food items. The distribution project had 2 phases and has been carried out taking into account the needs assessments done by IBC team and by the Iranian Red Crescent Society. The first distributions of the project (December 2003) were implemented in the city of Bam and the second rounds of distributions (January 2004) took place in Baravat – zone 13 of Bam city, serving a total of more than 2000 affected people.


Project Goals: To provide emergency relief for the victims of the earthquake in Bam city / Iran.


Project Beneficiaries: The 1st distributions of the relief project addressed a number of 1000 people in the city of Bam. The 2nd distribution rounds addressed 200 families living in tents in Baravat – the 13th zone of the city of Bam. The beneficiaries were selected from the families who did not benefit from regular support provided to other victims of the earthquake who decided to move in the organized camps in town. Therefore, IBC’s distributions’ beneficiaries were people living in tents in front of the ruins of their houses in Bam. 

IBC teams working on loading the

goods for transportation

at the distributions points.

   The distributions in Baravat were taken

place up to late in the nights.


Implemented Activities:

The activities of the relief project consisted in coordinating with the local authorities and the emergency established Task Force for the identification of the needy / unattended beneficiaries and in organizing distributions of relief items (foods items and NFIs) for people victims of the earthquake in Bam.

The 1st distribution round took place at the end of December 2005, immediately after the earthquake and was carried out with the support of the Turkish Disaster Management Department and the Turkish Red Crescent. The support provided consisted in the following items:

- 1.000 blankets;
- 4.000 liters sunflower oil;
- 8.000 kg rice;
- 20.000 canned vegetables;
- 4.000 kg soap;
- 4.000 kg tea;
- 4.000 kg sugar;
- 8.000 kg macaroni;

The 2nd distribution round took place in January 2004, addressing 200 families living in tents in Baravat – the 13th zone of the city of Bam. Each family received 3 boxes containing the following supplies: 

- 1 stove;
- 2 different types of cooking recipients;
- 6 plates;
- 6 knifes;
- 6 forks and 6 spoons;
- 1 bread knife;
- 1 tea pot; 
- 5kg rice;
- 2kg tomato paste;
- 4 pieces of 500g caned beans;
- 2 kg sugar;
- 1 kg tea;
- 5 kg potatoes;
- 4 pieces soap;


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Ana Oprisan,M.A.
Project Coordinator

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