Date: 01-01-2004


Project Location : 5 container camps in Bam / Iran (Isfahan1, Isfahan2, Shehrdari, Qom1 and Qom2)


Project Duration : 18 Months (January 2004 – August 2005)

Project Summary: The project was implemented in 5 container camps in Bam (in zone 2 and 10 of the city), established and ran by IBC, with a community of 709 families and more than 3.500 people.
The containers were brought from Turkey, as a donation from the Turkish Ministry of Public Works and Settlement, transported by train to Iran and installed in place, as temporary shelter for the victims of the earthquake. IBC has supported the set-up of the camps and has provided them with water and sanitation facilities (functioning toilets and showers), laundry rooms and waste collection recipients. The prefab container camps and all other sanitation facilities were managed by IBC for a period of more than 1 year and a half after the earthquake.


Project Beneficiaries: The direct beneficiaries of the project were 709 families, victims of the earthquake in Bam / Iran.


Project Goal: To support the victims of the earthquake in Bam in the emergency & transition phase of post-disaster, by creating safe and healthy accommodation set-ups with temporary shelter, water and sanitation facilities. 


Implemented activities:

  • The 808 containers donated by the Turkish Ministry of Public Works and Settlement through the General Directorate for Disaster Management were brought by train to Bam / Iran where a technical team from the same Directorate, supported by IBC, has undertook the installation of the camps;  
  • 5 camps (the so called “Turkish Container Camps”) were sat-up, having the following display: Camp Qom1 – shelter for 185 families, Camp Qom2 – 128 families, Camp Isfahan1 – 115 families, Camp Isfahan2 – 206 families, Camp Shahridari – 75 families; (besides of the 709 house type containers, the rest of 99 containers were toilets or showers type, other were used as laundries or Children’s Centers or for administrative purposes) were erected for the local authorities.
  • Shower and toilet containers were fixed and connected to the camp’s sewage and water pipe systems; all utilities inside were made functional; water tanks and water pumps were provided;
  • 5 laundries were established in each of the camps (with a laundry container with 10 modern washing machines) and 5 laundry keepers (women from the camps) were trained and appointed to manage each facility;
  • 120 liters refuse containers were put in place in the camps, for the waste collection and agreement has been made with the Municipality to arrange the regular transportation of the garbage.


Contact Details: Publications: Project Donors:
Ana Oprisan,M.A.
Project Coordinator

Tel: +90 216 464 68 82
Fax: +90 216 361 57 45


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This project was implemented with the financial support of CRS

This project was implemented with the financial support of NICCO Japan



This project was implemented with the financial support of Trocaire Ireland (*)

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