Date: 01-12-2011


Project Location : Beyoglu Area-Istanbul-Turkey 

Project Duration : 
3 months(December 2003-February 2004) 

Background Information:
 Terror attacks to the synagogues,British Embassy and HSBC Bank in Istanbul in November 2003 have caused the death of 65 people .More than 250 people injured ,most of them heavily.Victims were mostly the prayers in the synagogues and the owners and staff of the shops and offices around the bombed compound.In Beyoglu and Sisli areas adjacent areas to the bombed compound have been demolished and social and economic life interrupted.The psycological situation of the people living around and in entire İstanbul was very bad and people pessimistic for their future.Thousands of families have been affected in a negative way since the life in these two areas is regenerated.


  He is Selim Firfir. He is married and has one son.He was one of the terror victims. He had been hospitalized for 2 months. He was discharged from hospital two weeks ago.


Project Summary : International Blue Crescent Humanitarian Relief and Development Foundation in order to assist the poor families affected by the bombings has signed a cooperation protocol with Beyoglu Municipality.Assesment of the most affected families is conducted with the assistance of Beyoglu Municipality and then the basic needs identified.The aim was to keep these families sustaining until businesses in the region regenerated and they will be able to return to their jobs.In addition families lost their members(specifically the working father) have been identified and priority given to their needs.As main priority was the provision of food to the families and undertake the school needs of the children.State assistance to these families was late because of bureaucratic prosedures and we had to support them for at least three months period.


Project Goal : To assist the terror victim families after the bombings in November 2003 in Beyoglu area for a period of three months.Emergency food distribution and provision of school materials to the children of the families was targeted.


Project Beneficiaries : 150 families lost their members after the bombings in Beyoglu-Istanbul area.Families lost their fathers have been prioritisized.Families with income under 300 USD have been selected.Most of them have lost their businesses and jobs because of the bombings.The total number of the people benefited is around 500..The neighbourhoods benefited from the relief operation were the most poor ones in the area.

Implemented Activities : Just after the bombings in November 2003 IBC has contacted the authorities in Beyoglu-Istanbul and informed them about our decision to launch a campaign to assist most affected victims in the area.In cooperation with Beyoglu Municipality we completed the assesment of the most affected by paying visits to houses and families.From 460 families affected we selected the 150 most vulnerable,lost their properties,jobs and members.Main priority was to keep these families sustainable until the state assistance is organised.Facilities for the storage and distribution of the emergency relief was provided by Beyoglu Municipality.IBC staff organised the packages and lists of distribution .Distribution of the food packages and school materials was implemented at the first weeks of December 2003, January 2004 and February 2004.

Signed documents of delivery from the beneficiaries have been organised by IBC staff.



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Muzaffer Baca/Vice President

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The relief operation get extensive national media coverage.

Istanbul Beyoglu Municipality contributed the campaign too.

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