Date: 11-02-2001


Project Location : Various locations of Gujarat Province-INDIA


Project Duration : 21 Days (11 February- 03 March 2001)


Background Information : An immense earthquake measuring 7.9 on Richter scale hit Bhuj, Gujarat Province of India on January 26, 2001 causing tens of thousands of casualties and injuring many more. The grave situation of people suffering the magnitude of the disaster made IBC implement relief operations in the region.



Project Summary: IBC initially getting in contact with the Indian Embassy and the crisis center in India gathered the information for the needs in priority. In the meantime IBC launched a campaign with the try of organizing a contribution from the aware individuals to the issue. Within this period IBC moved to the territory with the available funds on February 11.2001 to make an assessment of the disaster and the actual necessities. IBC had the information that the prior necessities were drinkable water and bread. Upon the investigations made on the region it was seen that Bhuj already had the support from the International organizations where the requirements were met of the time being. Therefore, it was decided to span the activities to the unreached territories by getting the informational support from the local NGO’s. It was determined that there was a need for drinkable water and bread in the determined territories whereas wheat flour within some parts. Prioritizing the needs, drinkable water, bread and wheat flour were distributed according to the traditional life style of the communities.


Project Goals: With the lessons learned during the disaster lived in our country the goal of this project was to provide initial and urgent needs of the victims which being drinkable water and fundamental nourishment requirements as drinkable water and bread and wheat flour. On the other hand within the campaign launched in Turkey, medical, hygienic and shelter equipments and material were being arranged for dispatch in order to elevate the sufferings.



Implemented Activities:

Since the project had been confined only by distribution additional social activities have not been achieved. However the distribution of the 2 container material with the cooperation of a local NGO may be considered as another activity.


Contact Details: Publications: Project Donors:
M. Ugur Gungor
Project Coordinator

Tel: +90 216 464 68 82
Fax: +90 216 361 57 45


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Elmor A.S

Izmit Buyuksehir Belediyesi

Eczacibasi Holding

Berko Ilac

World Relief Internatioanal


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