Date: 01-07-2004


Project Location : Duzce/Turkey

Project Duration : 4 months(July-October 2004) 


Project Information: Earthquakes on 17th of August and 12th of November, 1999 devastated the Marmara Region. Duzce was the epicenter of the second earthquake and thus was severely affected. International Blue Crescent responded to the plight of the earthquake victims by implementing an assisted self-help permanent housing project. This project aimed at providing 168 households, the neediest victims, with permanent housing. During the implementation of that Project, construction of a health center proved urgent as the nearest health center was 15 km. away from Beyciler. The people of Beyciler would have limited access to medical services because of the distance.


Project Summary: In order to meet the need for health services in Beyciler, IBC has implemented a health center construction Project. Within this scope, land and infrastructure were prepared, tenders were issued, the building was constructed and equipped. The health center was built adjacent to the houses constructed in the assisted- self-help housing Project.


Project Goal: The project aimed at meeting the health care need of the earthquake-affected people in Duzce, and at increasing the access to the health services in the area.


Project Beneficiaries: As Duzce Health Center would be built in the same area with the permanent houses, 168 households living in those houses would directly benefit from the health services. In addition, approximately 12,000 people who live in the area will also have access to the health services provided by the new health center.





Implemented Activities:

IBC Duzce Beyciler Assisted Self-Help Housing Project team has initially completed the design of the construction plans, and a nation-wide tender was issued in order to receive the best prices for the construction of the building. Following the tender, the construction was started and finished on time. Once the construction of the building was completed, it was refurbished and equipped with the necessary medical devices and equipment. Medical staff for the operation of the health center was provided by the Ministry of Health. After the opening ceremony, the health center started to offer health care services and it was submitted to the Duzce Municipality.


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Muzaffer Baca
Vice President

Tel:+90 216 4646881–2
Fax:+90 216 3615745


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This project was implemented with the financial support of Islamic Relief.

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