Date: 01-02-2004


Project Location : Yazlik/ Golcuk/ Kocaeli


Project Duration : 5 months(February- June 2004)


Background Information: Two disastrous earthquakes hit Marmara Region in 1999: On August 17th and on November 12th, earthquakes measuring 7.4 and 7.1 on the Richter scale, respectively. As a result of these earthquakes, hundred thousands of people lost their family members and relatives immediately after the earthquake, found themselves in a situation with a severe lack of shelter, food, health care, and education.


Project Summary: Yazlik region in Golcuk was severely affected from the earthquake, particularly in terms of access to health services as the health center was destroyed. Therefore, IBC has implemented a health center reconstruction project, which included provision of the medical equipment.


Project Goal: The project aimed atincreasing the access to the health services and at improving the health standards of people.


Project Beneficiaries: People who are affected from the earthquake and who reside in Yazlik Region are the direct beneficiaries of the project. The people who live in those regions which are close to Yazlik will also benefit from the health services.




Implemented Activities:

After the earthquake in 1999, International Blue Crescent started its humanitarian relief work in Golcuk, the epicenter of the earthquake. As the town was devastated to a large extent, its habitants relocated to Yazlik town in the north, which is safer. After the determination of a need for a health clinic and after meetings with the Kocaeli Governor, Mr. Erdal Ata, the land for construction of a health clinic was allocated and IBC started a campaign for the construction and refurbishment of the health clinic. Malteser International Foundation responded to the call for help and provided the financial support. After the design of the health center project, the tenders were announced and the construction was completed in five months. After the procurement of the equipment and laboratories for the clinic, an opening ceremony took place with the participation of the governor. The Ministry of Health assigned medical personnel to the health center therefore the sustainability of the health center was assured.



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Muzaffer Baca
Vice President

Tel: +90 216 4646881-2-3
Faks: +90 216 3615745
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This project was implemented with financial support of Malteser International.

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