Date: 15-11-2002


Project Location: Yazlik town/Izmit/Turkey

Project Duration: 12 months(15 November 2002-15 November 2003)

Background Information: The devastating earthquake on 17 th August 1999 caused the death of more than 17.000 people and injured more than 100.000 people in Marmara region.The epicenter of the earthqukae was Golcuk town a resort on the shores of Marmara Sea.Because of the earthquake more than 5500 people moved from Golcuk the hills behind.The influx of such a large number of people in a town like Yazlik has placed greater presuusre on resources. Schools in particular have found it difficult to accomodate the arrival of the new students . 


Opening Ceremony of Tabosan Primary School Additional Building

Students of Tabosan Primary School sharing their happiness with Safia O'Donnell representative of Islamic Relief contributed to the building


Project Summary: IBC has implemented an assesment in the town about the children in need for educational facilities and identified that more than 60 children are running out of spce for education.With an agreement with the Regional Directorate of Education a space for additional building for school construction is identified adjacent to the existing Tabosan Primary School.After campaigning and securing the funds contruction of building started on 15 November 2002 and we managed to run the facility just before the start of the New Educationl Year 2003-2004.


Project Goal: To contribute tı meet the needs for education of the displaced from Golcuk students to Yazlik because of the devastating earthquake on 17th August 1999.Through the Project a new educational facility provided to the Ministry of Education in order to accomodate students in urgent need for education


Project Beneficiaries: Project beneficiaries are 60 children aged between 06-17 years old.30 of them are beginners(6 years old)Their families and the entire community moved under very severe conditions to more secure Yazlik are the secondary beneficiaries.


Implemented Activities: 

 Needs assesment and identification of the Project site
b) Submission of Spcae from the Ministry of Education
c) Issuing of tender for the construction
d) Completion of the construction
e) Refurbishing the building
f) launching Parent-School Partnership program at the school
g) Building of laboratories


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Fax: +90 216 3615745

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