Date: 13-09-2005


Project Location: Istanbul


Project Duration: 13 th – 18 th of September 2005


Background Information Being the second phase of the project that has been realized in April 2004 the project aims to support the recovery efforts in Iran after the Bam Earthquake in 2003. The cooperative project of International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation (IBC) and Disaster Preparedness and Earthquake Trainings Association (AHDER) has been funded by Catholic Relief Services.


Project Summary: After the successful training of Iranian NGOs on disaster response in 2004 for the new phase is organised for the representatives of local authorities. Project included examples of preparedness works and local authority applications realized in Istanbul having the risk of a major earthquake. A group consisting of 27 attendants gone through trainings and implemented on sight visits and field trips for disaster preparation efforts in Izmit Duzce Ankara and Istanbul from 13 th to 18 th of September 2005. 


Iranian officials paid on sight visits to the Disaster Preparedness Centers


Different implementations introduced to Iranian officials..


Project Goal 
: The project aims the capacity building and share experience about disaster preparedness and management of the representatives of Iranian local authorities and goverment.


Project Beneficiaries: As representatives of local authorities and government the attendants had seen the efforts and applications in Istanbul , Izmit and Duzce. These applications will be the needed examples for the implementation in their country.


Implemented Activities:


1 st Day ..T he participants and members of the press were informed with an opening/press conference on the first day of the trainings.


2 nd Day ... On the second day Izmit and Duzce area that has been affected by the 1999 Earthquake was visited by the group for on site observation.


3 rd Day ...On the third day of the program Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM) in Istanbul was visited and attendants have been informed about the managerial and structural features of AKOM.


4 th -5 th Days .... The fourth and fifth days of the program was used for theoretical and practical applications. The attendants have been informed about the preparations done in Istanbul and Turkey .


6 th Day ......Attendants did have the chance to do hand on practice on the sixth day of the program. The program ended with the distribution of the CD of the program and attendance certificates.


Contact Details: Publications:  Project Donors:

Muzaffer Baca
Project Coordinator

Phone::+90 216 4646881-2-3
Fax :+90 216 3615745

Nazan Sati
Project Manager

Phone: +90 212 2132302
Fax…..+90 212 2130240

Training Materials Books

Catholic Relief Services-CRS funded the Project

AHDER-Disaster Preparedness Association was Project İmplementing partner

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