Date: 06-06-2002


Project Location: Bolluca Village/Arnavutkoy/İstanbul/Turkey

Project Duration: 1 month(06 January-06 February 2002)

Background Information: Bolluca village is a remote village around 30kilometres west of İstanbul.The Orphans village is established in the 80 s and serving to the needs of more than 60 children..After the 17th August 1999 earthquake children lost their parnets are mainly moved to state owned orphanages.Bolluca orphans Village is a facility run by its own assocaition and accepted around 50 children from the earthquake zone.The vilage is consisted by twelve buildings where five children accomodated per each building.A main management facility and sprots and educational complexes are included to the Orphan's village.

Project Summary: After the application of the association running the Orphans Village IBC has decide to provide materials to promote the educational capacity of the orphans.After on site assesment and interviews with the children IBC decided the provision of 12 computers to the use of the children.Computers are loaded with different educational programs for the use of the children

Project Goal: Promoting the educational capacity of the orphan children and familiarise them with the new technics in the education sector.Through the programs loaded children will have the capacity to use and benefit from the computers.In addition they will have Access to different educational program through internet Access.

Project beneficiaries: 60 orphan children accomodated in Bolluca Orphan's Village.Mostly of them lost their parents at 17 th August 1999 earthquake in Marmara region.


Children of Bolluca Orphans Village with visitors.Happy and hopeful. Computer labortaory donated by IBC to Bolluce Orphans Village


Implemented Activities: After the application of the Association of Bolluca Orphan's Village IBC team visited the village and interviewed the manager and some children about their educational needs.After priority given to the computerization of the center the foundationcontacted computer companies and identified the most appropriate programs for the children.Programs related with the curriculum children get educated loaded to the computers and after computers installed to each house(total12 houses) accomodating the children.Children got atraining for use the comuters for two weeks and familiarised with the programs.



Contact Details: Publications: Project Donors:
Muzaffer Baca/Vice President

Phone: +90 216 4646881-2-3
Fax: +90 216 3615745



Canadian Embassy-Ankara



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