Date: 01-10-2004



Project Location : Duzce TURKEY


Project Duration : 1 Month (December 2004)


Project Summary: The Project has been implemented following the need request of the Izzet Baysal University. The existing equipments of the University has been damaged and became useless following the Marmara Earthquake. Bi lateral evaluations for the needs have been done with the school’s administration for the equipment that would give service to the 350 students of Duzce Vocational Health High School. The equipment provided has increased the capacity and quality of  the education that has been given within the school. The school is the only vocational school on health within the environment of Duzce, Bolu, Zonguldak, Karabuk and their vicinities wherein having 5 million inhabitants.


Project Goal: The aim of the Project is to support the institution to educate intermediate staff on health which is a major need within the territory.


Project Beneficiaries: 350 student of the school which will raise to 800 for the coming years.


Implemented Activities: Meetings have been held with the administration of Izzet Baysal University Presidency and the needs were determined. The school was visited local and international appeals were made to recover the needs. Visual equipment was foreseen to be necessary along with the others. The equipments purchased were delivered on 12.12.2004 and periodical inspections have been made frequently.



Contact Details: Publications: Project Donors:
Muzaffer Baca
Vice President

Tel:+90 216 46468812
Fax:+90 216 3615745
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This project was implemented with the financial support of IDRF (International Development Relief Foundation)

Keywords: medicakl materials