Date: 01-09-2001


Project Location: Adapazari/Turkey


Project Duration: 3 months(27 September-14.11.2001)


Background Information: One of the cities destroyed severely by the 17 August 1999 Earthquake was Adapazari..More than 6000 people died,35 000 people injured..Schools and hospitals have been collapsed and tens of the left out of use.Canadian Embassy in Ankara run for help of the people in Adapazari and provided funds for the construction of a school for the autistic children left without any facility because the only school was destroyed.After the completion of the new school the need of educational materials and laboratories was emerging for a beter training and education.



 Project Summary: IBC has monitored the construction of the Canadian primary School and assisted through reporting on the situation of the autistic children in the city.

After completion of the school building with cooperation with the appointed manager of the School Mr Nesri Girgin an evaluation about the needs of the school is implemented.After the purchasing of the school and laboratory materials a Professional team organised the installment of the physics and chemistry labortaories and provided training to the tecahers for the use of them.The laboratories and materials submitted to the school at the opening ceremony held in Adapazarı.Canadian Ambassador in Ankara Mr Jean Marc Duvall took part at the opening ceremony.

Project Goal: Developing the capacity of the autistic children get edcuation in the new opened school. Through the laboratories they will be introduced to the modern techniques on physics and chemistry.Educational materials will help them for a better education and capacity building.

Project Beneficiaries: 120 autistic children from earthquake hit Adapazari.Children are abandoned because they lost their previous school collapsed from the earthquake.Families of the children benefited too because they got the opportunityn to provide education to their special children once again after they lost one year.

Implemented Activities: After meetings with the school manager and regional officials of the Ministry of Education the spaces for laboratories identified.With coordination with the school officials the infrastructure for the laboratories orgaised .Purchase for uniforms for the children,sports cloths,maps,geographical instruments and physics and chemistry laboratories completed through a tender issued locally.

After installment of the laboratories training to the teachers provided.After the start of the education in the school periodical visits organised in order to evaluate the developments related with the education and use of the facilities .


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Muzaffer Baca/Vice President

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Canadian Embassy-Ankara

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