Date: 31-03-2012


Within the Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme 2007-2013
“Black Sea Earthquake Safety Net(work) – ESNET Project”
Started on 2nd March 2012


The Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme 2007-2013 is a programme under the European Neighborhood & Partnership Instrument (ENPI) of the EU. It aims to contribute to: “a stronger and sustainable economic and social development of the regions of the Black Sea Basin”.

The programme´s three specific objectives are:
  • Promoting economic and social development in the border areas,
  • Working together to address common challenges,
  • Promoting local, people-to-people cooperation.
“Black Sea Earthquake Safety Net(work) – ESNET Project” Information :
-Title of the Project              
Black Sea Earthquake Safety Net(work) – ESNET
Locations of the Action/Specific Country(ies), Regions and Towns of the Project Activities      
  • Turkey, (Istanbul)
  • Romania (South-East, Eforie Sud)
  • Bulgaria (Yugoiztochen, Burgas)
  • Republic of Moldova (Kishinev)
Project Partners                                              
  • Turkish Project Partner, International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation
  • Romanian Project Partner, National Institute of Research and Development for Earth Physics
  • Bulgarian Project Partner, Geophysical Institute of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  • Moldavian Project Partner, Geology and Seismology Institute of Moldavian Academy of Sciences
Project Priority and Measures      
Project Priority        
Sharing resources and competencies for environmental protection and conservation
Strengthening the joint knowledge and information base needed to address common challenges in the environmental protection of river and maritime systems.
Project Summary 
Total duration of the Action
24 months (March 2012 – March 2014)
Objectives of the Action and Specific Objectives         
Overall Objective                
To contribute to the prevention of natural disasters generated by earthquakes in Black Sea basin by developing a joint monitoring and intervention concept
Specific Objectives
1. To assess the disaster potential, with accent on the seismic risk degree and the earthquakes effects in the intervention area.
2. To develop an integrated seismic monitoring and intervention concept.
3. To increase the capacity of local institutions emergency intervention units for joint response activities in case of disasters.
Target Group(s)                  
Bodies in the targeted countries and regions acting in the earthquakes research sector; Emergency intervention units in the areas covered by the project; Local public authorities in the areas covered by the project; NGOs acting in the field of information and intervention in case of natural disasters.
Final Beneficiaries              
Population from the eligible regions in the participating countries
Estimated Results
  • Broad expert knowledge shared on the earthquake related issues for each participating country;
  • Support of the public authorities for the elaborated reports and proposed plans;
  • Increased cooperation between relevant actors in the participating countries in the field of earthquake monitoring;
  • Increased use of modern, effective tools for monitoring and early warning in case of earthquakes; sharing expertise; communication; 
  • Training support available for the professionals in the sector of earthquake monitoring, early warning and intervention;
  • Increased capacity of emergency units to react to earthquake disasters;
 Main Project Activities
Group of Activities 1 – Assessment of the current situation
  • Exchange study visits
  • Country assessments; Organizing a Regional Workshop with the stakeholders
  • Conducting official proceedings for authorities’ consultation
Group of Activities 2 – Increase the sector cooperation by setting up the Black Sea Safety Network (Set up the network; Launch of the “Seismic Safety Net(work) Web Portal”
  • Development and implementation of the Black Sea Joint Seismicity Monitoring and Early Warning System Basis (software)
  • Black Sea “Safety Net(work)” Communication Tool Set-up (e-group)
Group of Activities 3 – Capacity Building (Elaboration of a Regional Capacity Building Start-up Curricula)  
  • Training provided Regional Capacity Building Start-up Curricula
  • Training provided to the professionals working in the Emergency Units)
Group of Activities 4 – Visibility of the Action
  • Project start and end conferences
  • Creating the visual identity elements of the project and network
  • Creating promotional materials for the Project
  • Creating educational films to be freely distributed
  • Dissemination of press releases and regular project updates
  • Elaboration and dissemination of “Black Sea Earthquake Safety Net” book


Group of Activities 5 – Management and coordination
  • Inception Activities
  • Regular project team meetings
  • Project reporting, monitoring and evaluation


Contact for Detail: Publications:  Donors-Partners:
Nalan UKER     
Project Coordinator    
Contact details of the Project Implementing Partners:
IPA Project Implementing Partner –
International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation
Post Address             : Bagdat Caddesi, Fistikli Sokak Dilek Apt. No: 3/5 Suadiye Istanbul TURKEY
Telephone number   : +90-216-464 6881
Fax number                : +40-216-384 1486
Website                       :
ENPI Project Implementing Partner –
National Institute of Research and Development for Earth Physics
Post Address            : Str. Calugareni Nr. 12, 077125, Magurele,  Judetul Ilfov ROMANIA
Telephone number  : +40-21-405.06.70
Fax number               : +40-21-405.06.73
Website                      :
No Publication


This Project is being implemented with the financial support of European Union.




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