Ref: IBC-AHP-WVI/2023-05/ST-2845

Tender Subject: Procurement of 1,200 Female Hygiene Kits

Project Name: PaMS Turkey – Emergency Voucher Assistance, Protection and MHPSS Services for Earthquake Affected Communities in Turkey

Contract Number: 221413

By the International Blue Crescent Humanitarian Relief and Development Foundation, it is provided to vulnerable children and adult groups affected by the earthquake in Gaziantep and Hatay provinces, in order to ensure that vulnerable girls and boys, women and men - including those with disabilities - feel protected and safe and to increase their well-being. Within the scope of the project aiming to achieve; A tender will be held for the purchase of "1,200 Women's Hygiene Kits" to be distributed in Gaziantep and Hatay provinces.

Interested companies are the Foundation's Head Office address:

They can request the tender file by applying to Suadiye Mah.Bağdat Cad.No:467 Doğsan Apt.K:3 D:9 Kadıköy/İSTANBUL, or they can also request the tender file from our address: [email protected].

Our Foundation is not subject to the Public Procurement Law.

Announcement Date: 26.12.2023

Tender File Deadline and Time: 02.01.2024 Tuesday Time: 17.00

Date: 26/12/2023