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Risk Mitigation

All projects implemented by IBC is framed by its commitment to relieving human suffering. IBC strives to alleviate human suffering regardless of nationality, ethnicity, race, color, social origin, religion, belief, language, political opinion, gender, age, and sexual orientation, genetic and physical features. Through its projects IBC aims to create and enhance opportunities in the following fields;

When designing and implementing programs, IBC takes into account and prioritizes the needs of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, pays attention to community values, respects the social and cultural texture as well as the environment. IBC firmly believes it can create utmost impact on disadvantaged communities by bringing international, national and local actors together. In this context IBC cooperates with local and national authorities, other NGOs, global donors, universities and research centers to incorporate their resources, technical expertise and experience into its modus operandi.


individuals have been reached
fully equipped disaster and emergency intervention containers have been provided
mobile disaster training truckhas been developed and operated

Risk Mitigation Projects
Country: Turkey
Region: Ardahan

Country: Indonesia
Region: Aceh