IBC - International Blue Crescent Responds Through the Reception Center in Mykolayiv and Odesa to Overcome Winter Effects on the Suffering Ukrainian Communities

Russia is targeting the power and water infrastructure of Ukraine during the last months. As a result, millions of people in the Odesa, Mykolayiv, and Kherson oblasts were left without electricity for almost a month. Because of harsh winter conditions Ukrainian IDP s and local people are facing serious food, heating, and health problems. Communication lines are cut and they don’t have access to any local and international phone lines.

IBC-International Blue Crescent in partnership with Action Medeor and UMCOR focuses to cover those needs through the RAC (Reception Centers) established in Mykolayiv and processed in Bolgrad Odesa. The Reception of Mykolayiv started operations the second week of December and Bolgrad will start in January. More than 2000 beneficiaries from IDP s and locals visit IBC Reception Center Daily in Mykolayiv. They get a ready-to-eat meal, tea, heating, and Daily bread produced in the adjacent mobile bakery we established. IBC has delivered 200000 ready-to-eat meals to Odesa and Mykolayiv.

For the most in-need host families we are distributing 2000 ordinary heaters and in cooperation with the Bolgrad governorship produce the pellets and distribute them to those families for burning.

2000 families in both oblasts get monthly food rations through the IBC food response campaign too.

In addition, they can charge their mobiles and through the satellite internet system, they manage their communication needs.

Russia destroyed 266 health institutions in Mykolayiv, Odesa, and Kherson. People even with first aid needs are in lack the facilities to apply as well as the shortage of medicine and medical supplies is high. In this respect, IBC started the construction of two Primary Health Units (One in Bolgrad Odesa and the other at Mykolayiv) and planning to increase with more in the two oblasts and Kherson this year targeting six in total.

For covering the medicine and medical equipment needs of the health facilities in Ukraine(Odesa and Mykolayiv) and in Moldova(Komrad, Kongaz, and Vulkanesh hospitals) we delivered thousands of first aid kits, styptic medicine, equipment for trauma and injuries treatment as well as two ambulances Neighbouring Moldova is facing heavily the influx of refugees too. The poorest country in Europe needs support for covering the needs of more than 60000 refugees still hosted in different Refugee Reception Centers established by municipalities and states and support to host families in Moldova, we do respond to all refurbishment, food, hygiene, and heating needs of the Reception centers established by the Municipalities of Komrad, Vulkanesh, and Kongaz in the South of the country Gagausian Authonomy Region.

Psychosocial activities and foreign language theater and other Social activities for the children in those centers are organized too.

IBC-International Blue Crescent is distributing tens of thousands of hygiene kits to host families in Gagauzia provided by UNHCR.

Because of winter conditions, the basic need for electricity is to be covered through small generators between 2-4 watts.

We are planning the distribution of 2000 generators to small businesses so to regenerate their activities and create income for them in addition, we will continue launching Reception Centers (In total six) in Mykolayiv and Kherson oblasts. We’ll cover the heating, energy, food, health, and communication needs of more than 50000 refugees in IDP s in total for the year 2023.


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