The severe earthquakes that occurred one after another in Afghanistan on October 7 caused the Afghan people to continue a completely different day. The serious situation that emerged after the earthquake revealed the tragedy.

While hundreds of people lost their lives under the rubble of completely collapsed buildings after severe earthquakes; Those who survived with injuries were waiting to be treated in front of the hospital. After this tragic situation, it was of great importance to deliver humanitarian relief and meet the needs as quickly as possible.

With its profound experience, IBC began to actively take part in the field from the first moment to obtain detailed information and quickly identify basic human needs. While the extent of destruction in the villages located close to the earthquake center was unpredictable; Providing emergency medical intervention to these settlements where health facilities are limited has become one of the most important priorities.

IBC team was on the field from the first day of the earthquake to determine basic needs.

Once again, those most affected by the difficult living conditions that emerged after the earthquake were women, children and the elders. Sheltering, which is one of the common problems of hundreds of earthquake victims who lost their homes or did not have a place to stay because they were severely damaged, was one of the problems that needed to be solved as a priority, considering the approaching winter season. On the other hand, the difficulty in accessing food quickly added a new one to the list of urgent needs. As IBC, we took action together with our donor IDRF Canada to intervene in this situation in the most effective way. As a first step, we started distributing hot meals to hundreds of families together with IDRF Canada in the Herat region, where access to food has become very limited.

Hot meal distribution, Herat Region

Certainly! The children were the ones who experienced the most happiness when the issue of food access was resolved through distribution. Ahmed and Ayşa, who lost their two older brothers in the earthquake, stated that bringing hot meals to their mother and grandfather was one of the best feelings they had experienced in a long time, and knowing that they were not forgotten in this difficult process made them happy.

Our beneficiaries Ahmed and Ayşa are in the food line for hot meal

The elderly were among those who were in a difficult situation and in need of help, as well as women and children. As cold weather conditions approached, shelter became a problem, making the situation even more difficult. As IBC, we continued to urgently deliver relief to every region in need. As a second step, we resolved this situation together with our donor IDRF Canada and distributed tents, blankets and hot meals to hundreds of families in need in Kemer Kalakh, located in the İncil district of the Herat region.

Blanket and tent distribution, Incil District, Herat Region

We have been actively present in the field since October 7 to identify basic humanitarian reliefs and needs. With the generous support of our donor IDRF Canada, we will urgently continue to stand by and heal the wounds of the Afghan people who are in a difficult situation and waiting for their basic humanitarian needs to be met.


You could check the facilities on the field:


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