Ongoing conflicts in Gaza since October 7 have unfolded into a human tragedy witnessed by the global community.

Since the first day of the conflict, the people of Gaza have been facing many problems due to the disproportionate use of force and are desperately waiting for a helping hand to be extended to them to solve all of these.

The residents of Gaza, facing challenges in obtaining an adequate food supply, have regrettably become ensnared in malnutrition, as reported by the UN. Prolonged power outages have halted daily life entirely. The insufficient operation of generators, caused by fuel shortages, is significantly impacting the healthcare sector. Hospitals grappling with electricity issues as they strive to provide urgent care to injured individuals of all ages also face a shortage of medical supplies due to hindered humanitarian aid deliveries caused by fuel-related issues.

A profound human tragedy unfolded in the early years of the 21st century, poised to claim its spot on the global stage, echoing the cries of innocent civilians. IBC, unable to turn a blind eye to the unfolding events in the region and the plight of innocent civilians, recently issued an urgent call for intervention. With meticulous consideration, IBC identified the needs in the area and, in collaboration with its donor IDRF Canada, provided immediate assistance to the region. Food and hygiene packages were distributed to 550 families at the Alhaytam Center.

IBC continues its distribution in Gaza with the support of UNRWA and its donor IDRF Canada…

IBC, undertaking emergency response initiatives, will continue to provide such interventions for at least six months because of the enormous needs.

We got our aid cargo to reach the people in need in Gaza through close collaboration and coordination with UNRWA, who thankfully assisted IBC in inspecting our aid cargo and ensuring compliance with the set rules and regulations. IBC will continue collaborating with UNRWA to reach the needy people in GAZA.

IBC continues to take an active role in the field

The International Blue Crescent Foundation plans to urgently continue its relief to the region and support innocent civilians living in pain. More than ever, we need your support, our dear donors, to provide hope to the cries for help rising from the region. We call on our donors to respond to the urgent needs of the people of Gaza.

You can reach our emergency response via the link: https://ibc.org.tr/EN/1710/ibc-flash-appeal-responding-gaza-crisis


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