International Blue Crescent Foundation (IBC) continues to keep the spirit of unity, and solidarity of Ramadan alive this year, as every year, by extending the helping hand to people in need.

Floods, earthquakes and conflicts that have occurred in different geographies in the quarter of the 21st century subject human beings to different tests at every moment. The International Blue Crescent Foundation (IBC) continues with great devotion all kinds of humanitarian relief, without discrimination, in various disasters both at home and abroad. Taking the wide experience it has gained over the years as its motto, the Foundation takes it upon itself to heal the wounds of people in need.

To remind again of unity, and solidarity…

International Blue Crescent Foundation (IBC), which does not limit itself to just extending the helping hand after disasters, does not neglect to share the spiritual atmosphere and spirit of solidarity of Ramadan this year, as every year. Considering the conditions they have been facing since October, malnutrition, the gradual deterioration of living conditions, problems in the health system and much more, are just a few of the most important topics that present themselves as one of the biggest challenges of the people of Gaza…  Since the beginning of the conflict, 32,623 people have lost their lives; Considering that 75,092 people were injured, and the health problems experienced by a large part of the population, it becomes clear once again how serious the situation is. Aware of how important sharing is during Ramadan, IBC continues to provide aid to the people of Gaza in this holy month with the generous support of IDRF Canada. While the consignments to Gaza included 3 thousand 750 food parcels, 750 hygiene kits and 750 women dignity kits; Each of them is planned to be delivered to the people of Gaza before the Eid al-Fitr.

Unfortunately, there are many countries that suffer from malnutrition and have problems accessing healthy food. One of these countries is Afghanistan, where it is witnessed moment by moment, thanks to the means of communication, that all the dynamics within the country are suddenly displaced due to the political change it is experiencing. Women, children, displaced and elderly people, in short, all segments of society face the threat of malnutrition. The successive earthquakes that have occurred in the country in recent months have made the conditions for the people of Afghanistan more difficult. Severe earthquakes, which caused the emergence of sheltering problems along with access to healthy food, further aggravated the burden and living conditions of the Afghan people. IBC, wanted to make the Afghan people smile and make them feel that they are always with them, distributed food packages to thousands of families during Ramadan in cooperation with IDRF Canada.

IBC, with the support of IDRF Canada, made people smile during Ramadan

Another country facing malnutrition is Yemen... The Yemeni people are in the grip of a major humanitarian crisis due to the displacements, lack of access to basic services and problems in accessing healthy food... Considering all these situations, IBC, which aims to alleviate the deepening food insecurity, distributed food packages to thousands of families in need during the month of Ramadan with the generous support of IDRF Canada.

IBC kept the spirit of Ramadan alive in Yemen

Other countries where IBC takes the Ramadan atmosphere with it and extends a helping hand are Morocco and Libya...While the earthquake that occurred in Morocco on September 12 and the flood in Libya immediately, almost brought life to a halt, following caused the deaths and injuries of thousands of people. IBC, which has continued to work urgently in the field since the first day, did not forget the people of Morocco and Libya during Ramadan. Reminding once again how important sharing is during Ramadan, IBC distributed food packages in both countries together with IDRF Canada.

Aware that Ramadan reinforces unity and solidarity and brings spiritual feelings to the fore, the Foundation continues its relief in Northern Syria. It distributes food packages throughout the month to families that do not receive adequate service and to hundreds of people displaced within the country, preventing them from facing food problems during this holy month.

IBC, which works meticulously to reach people in need of help in every geography and to improve their living standards, continues to continue its activities effectively in the African continent. The Foundation, which distributes food packages during Ramadan in Chad, Burkina Faso and Niger in the Western and Central parts of Africa, with the support of IDRF Canada, it continues to be a hope for thousands of people experiencing food problems.

Relief provided to Burkina Faso, Chad and Niger brought hope to everyone

IBC, which continues to distribute food packages to hundreds of families during Ramadan in Sudan together with IDRF Canada, will continue to support people and support those in need under all circumstances.


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