Indonesia: IBC emergency and rehabilitation team in Banda Ache.. Priority is given to children social centers and reconstruction of the villages

International Blue Crescent Humanitarian Relief and Development Foundation emergency relief and rehabilitation team composed by the President Recep Uker, Project coordinator Elif Tas, Emergency Coordinator Fatih Evren and Search and Rescue Organization AKA respresentative T.Pulan has started an assesment visit to Banda Aceh.. During the assesment visit priorities have been identified as establishment of children cosial and rehabilitation centers and reconstruction of the settlements primarily villages.IBC has decided to mobilise its resources to two specific areas and focus on the rehabilitation of the communities and the children. 
Related meetings with UNICEF,Indonesian authorities and local NGO's are continouing. Upto now 17 children rehabilitation centers have been established.. The number of the affected children is around 520000.. 765 schools have been destroyed entirely.

Indonesian goverment has declared the start of the education in primary and secondary schools by 26th of January.. Schools need slight repairment and those stood to the tsunami will be used at the beginning. Tens of thousands of children are in emerging need of shelter and care.

Temporary camps established in neighbourhoods of Banda Aceh aren't enough to setle the shelter problem of the disaster victims.. health and sanitation problems are emerging and danger of diseases is imminent.

Tsunami waves hit the shore destroyed all settlements in a range of 270 kilometers in Sumatra island..In some areas waves were 11 meters high and entire villages and towns dissapeared.

IBC team is attending meetings of the coordination Office and is in contact with all Indonesian authorities and NGO's in the field for coordination of the activities and avoiding duplication of the programs.

IBC is working on the Project to establish eight social and psycological centers for the children in Banda Aceh and reconstruct at least two villages around.

In addition priority will be given to the construction of schools and health centers in the region..

IBC field team mobile phone number is(00 62 81319393680)The contact person in the field is Project Coordinator Elif Tas..

For further information Contact

Muzaffer Baca
Vice President
Phone: 00 90 216 4646881-2-3
Fax...: 00 90 216 3615745
Email.: [email protected]



Date: 26/01/2005