IBC (INTERNATIONAL BLUE CRESCENT) Responds to Elazig Turkey Earthquake

International Blue Crescent (IBC)has launched a campaign to respond to the emergency needs of earthquake victims in Elazig-Eastern Turkey. Information about IBC program

Background Information

A strong earthquake (6.0 Richter Scale) rocked rural areas of Elazig around 04.30 the morning causing the death of 57 people and injuring more than hunderd people.

The death toll and injured figures it is expected to increase.

The epicenter of the earthquake was Basyurt town and surrounding villages in Karakocan County Elazig.

Earthquake was effective in entire region affecting Elazig,Diyarbakir,Bingol and other close provinces.

Parts of Basyurt and six villages (Okcular, Kovancilar, Asagi Kanatli, Yukari Kanatli, Gocmeler and Demirci) are heavily affected and some of them almost ruined because of the poor quality of construction (Bricks and Mud).

Rescuse works continue. Aftershocks prevent people to enter at safe remaining buildings. 287 buildings collapsed totally and around 700 buildings are damaged.

Turkish Red crescent and NGO s as IBC run to the field and providing tents,food and medical assistance to the victims.

Deputy Prime Minister Mr Cemil Cicek is supervising the rescue and recovery works in the field.

Schools in Elazig and Tunceli provinces are closed until the weekend in order to be used for the temporary shelter of the earthquake victims.

A temporary camp in the middle of the ruined villages in Basyurt is under construction .More than 5000 people are homeless and they will be accommodated in temporary camps or prefabricated shelters.

The economic impact of the earthquake is heavy because most of these villages depending on livestock and thousands of livestock is loss.

Basic Needs

IBC assessment team is moved to the disaster areas and identified the following emergency basic needs .

a)Emergency food

b)Hygiene Materials

c)Heaters with gas tubes


The region is one of the coldest areas of Turkey and in the coming days heavy raining are forecasted.

Turkish Red Crescent has moved a mobile hospital in Karakocan and light injured people get treatment in the hospital. Heavily injured people moved to different state hospitals in Elazig,Tunceli and Diyarbakir.

Because of the heavy economic loss on livestock, distribution of new livestock to the villagers, rehabilitation of their livestock shelters and of course reconstruction of their houses is the long term targeted response.

IBC Response

IBC will be responding with delivery of food and hygiene materials temporarily. It is targeted to respond the food needs of 500 families for a period of at least four months until summer time and provision of heaters with gas tubes because of the huge danger of hypthermia in the region.

IBC is in coordination with the Emergency Response Center of the Governorship of Elazig and will identify the beneficiaries with their assistance.

The Coordination Center is overlooking all activities in order to overcome double delivery and distribution.

Contact: Muzaffer Baca

Vice President

International Blue Crescent

Phone:+90 216 3841486/87

Fax...:+90 216 3841485

Email: [email protected]

Web Site.:www.ibc.org.tr


VIA: https://reliefweb.int/report/turkey/ibc-international-blue-crescent-responds-elazig-turkey-earthquake

Date: 08/03/2010