The International Blue Crescent Humanitarian Aid and Development Foundation (IBC) recognizes no boundaries in service on the path that it travels with the motto: "People first".

Working for the relief of Syrian refugees in Kilis, The International Blue Crescent Humanitarian Aid and Development Foundation held a magnificent ceremony for the opening of the Provisional Field Hospital which is to serve 5.000 Syrian refugees.

The International Blue Crescent Humanitarian Aid and Development Foundation (IBC) held a magnificent ceremony for the opening of the Provisional Field Hospital built for Syrian refugees with support from Malteser International, one of the world’s leading non-profit organizations.


The semi-prefabricated hospital will be used by Syrian refugees and will remain in operation for 12 months. The hospital has a capacity of 28 beds, which may be increased to 32 depending on need. The Provisional Field Hospital will have 1 chief physician, 6 physicians, 14 nurses, 2 pharmacists and 4 ambulances. The hospital will also be used for first response and general health services. The Provisional Field Hospital and the health care center in the Provisional Sheltering Center will serve around 5 thousand Syrian refugees.

The Kilis Provisional Field Hospital was established on land allocated by the Kilis Municipality. The opening ceremony was attended by Surgeon Fuat Karakus, Member of Parliament for Ak Parti, Suleyman Tapsiz, Governor of Kilis, M. Abdi Bulut, Mayor, Oliver Hochedez, Syrian Project Coordinator for Malteser International, Recep Uker President of the International Blue Crescent Foundation, Muzaffer Baca, Vice President, Aziz Civelek, Kilis Project Coordinator for the International Blue Crescent Foundation, Afag Mammadli, Kilis Regional Coordinator, as well as many invitees.


Following a moment in silence and the Turkish National Anthem, Muzaffer Baca, Vice President of the International Blue Crescent Foundation made a speech, stating that the foundation was the only Turkish foundation operationg in tandem in Turkey, North Syria and in the city of Damascus. Baca said, “We are present on both sides of this war. We are the only organization that seeks a remedy for the problems of people who suffered, lost their lives or loved ones in this war. Her our work is supported by many international organizations. The International Blue Crescent Foundation does not focus on health only. We also provide food and hygiene packs to thousands of families in North Syria. We are trying to eliminate the shortage of medicine in hospitals in that region. We are working to meet similar needs of Syrian refugees in Kilis as well”.

Hochedez, Syrian Project Coordinator said in his speech, “Opening such a health institution would not have been possible if it were not for the cooperation of all related institutions here. As Malteser International, I would like to thank the Turkish government for their support. And we should not forget the people of Kilis also … We thank to them as well. For the people of Kilis embraced their Syrian siblings, who came to their land to seek refuge”.

Mayor Bulut said it was a humanitarian duty to assist Syrians in their time of need, adding: “People of Kilis made great sacrifice for their Syrian brethren in times of trouble; and they continue to do so. They shared their bread, they shared their shelter. They shared everything they had with Syrians. As the Municipality of Kilis, we provided land for 5 different facilities serving Syrians. Maybe years later, this sacrifice made by the people of Kilis and by the Turkish nation will be remembered. We hope that the war on the land of our Syrian brothers will end as soon as possible. We want them to live in peace in their country. We will continue to meet all the needs of our borthers as much as our circumstances allow. They are more than welcome here.” Governor Tapsiz stated that more than one hundred thousand people lost their lives in Syria during the war since March 2011, adding:

“Tens of thousands were injured. Millions of people had to leave their homes, homelands, villages. They sought refuge in neighboring countries, mainly Turkey. We were almost left alone in the world as the only country and nation providing the largest humanitarian aid to this human tragedy caused by the chaos in Syria. In an environment where almost every object is hit by heavy weaponry, we place a humanitarian and conscientious perspective above all else. One should not forget that a power which fights its own people has never succeeded. When we look at the fate of oppressive regimes which try to lead their people by violence, we see that they all become history. We want the blood and tears to stop today. We are doing everything we can in order for the blood and tears to stop. The International Blue Crescent Humanitarian Aid and Development Foundation supports us in several fields, mainly health.”

After the speeches, Kilis Provisional Field Hospital was opened by the Governor Suleyman Tapsiz and members of the protocol. Governor Tapsiz and company examined the Kilis Provisional Field Hospital, talked to the physicians and received information.


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