The Sultanbeyli Community Center Project has been operating since 2015 in the region with the most intensive Syrian population on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Within the scope of the project, Syrians of all ages are provided with services on different subjects and the Turks are also included in the social adaptation activities. In the frame of this Project, approximately 30 thousand beneficiaries have been reached in Istanbul.

The Project aims to support children and young people due to lack of safe space, remove language barriers, increase the level of education by means of non-formal education opportunities, support children and young people due to lack of safe space and insufficient domestic conditions and in particular, find solutions to the problems caused by post-war traumas. It also seeks to address the difficulties experienced in accessing rights that arise as a direct result of these problems and to eliminate the lack of general knowledge.

The project, which started with the support of the International Organization for Migration, started as an information, education and psychosocial support project and has been shaped and developed over the years according to the needs and demands of the field.Today, 28 personnel continue their project activities in 6 different units. The community center, which provides service to approximately 1500 Syrians and Turks per month, will continue its service until the end of June 2019. In the period after June, it aims to serve more people as a more comprehensive and expanded project. 

Activities carried out at the center which is open between the hours of 09.00-17.00 7 days a week are as follows;

A-Non-Formal Education and Vocational Training Activities

  • Additional school activities for children (Turkish)
  • Turkish Course for Adults (with Public Education Support)
  • English Course for Adults (with Public Education Support)
  • English Course for Children and Teenagers

B-Psycho-Social Support activities

1-Youth and Family Club

  • Group work for young people,
  • Educational activities / training activities for mothers, 
  • Awareness raising sessions for adults and young people,

2-Kids Club

  • Child-friendly field activities for children between 5-12 years old,
  • Painting education for children aged between 12 and 18.

3- Conflict Management and Social Cohesion Unit

  • Intercultural Learning Activities,
  • Sports and Art activities,
  • Trip activities,
  • Crisis and conflict management trainings,
  • Group dynamics studies,

C-Information Dissemination and Legal Consultancy activities

1- Group Information dissemination sessions and Legal counseling Studies (Social Services and Legal Consultancy Unit)

  • Social Services and Legal counseling unit training activities,

2- One-to-one case interviews

  • Case interviews that arrives Social Services and Legal Counseling Unit.

3- Call Centre

  • Forwarding calls that reach call center to relevant non-governmental organizations,
  • ​Invitation about events and information activities through collective calls.

In April, certificates were distributed to 56 beneficiaries at the Sultanbeyli Community Center as a result of our three-month training in English and Turkish. 18 years old group was awarded for the certificate of A1 English and A1 Turkish ,which are approved by MEB, in English and Turkish courses in cooperation with IBC Sultanbeyli Community Center and Sultanbeyli Public Education Center. In addition, children aged between 5 and 13 years were given a certificate of participation in English classes. In the certificate distribution ceremony, there were fun moments with the songs and mini dances performed by the children. English presentations of the primary school students in which they weared  the costumes of their dreamed profession also catched the eye.

With Social Cohession Activities;


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